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A Step-by-Step Buyer's Guide

When purchasing a luxury home we take a different approach. Having over 20+ years of experience we have created partnerships with some incredible vendors that assist us in helping you navigate you through the buying process. We give you complete transparency and insight every step of the way. Our process removes the uncertainty and surprises throughout the purchase as we serve to be your personal concierge and guide.


Step 1: Your Vision

Our team will help you find the perfect home. We want to capture your preferences in every detail such as do you entertain often? We want to understand how you live in your home. We want to understand what's important to you from school district to drive time to work. We listen to what your needs are so we don't waste time showing you homes that doesn't meet your needs  


Step 2: Financial

The next step is to discuss whether you are paying cash or getting a loan depending on some of the homes you might want to see. It is very common that the seller will request a bank letter or pre-approval letter prior to showing. This is why we establish this now and not later. This way when you see a home we have the letter on file. We have several financial advisors / lenders to choose from  We need to work closely with them as we go thru this process so that we protect you and your earnest money at all times *making sure appraisal and financial are covered during due diligence once this is establish.


Step 3: The Search

Once we have discussed what you are looking for in your home search we set up a custom search based on these needs. And because we have been doing this for over 20+ years we have established long term relationships with agents and past clients that we can search our database for off market properties that might be an option for you. The next step is signing exclusive buyers agreement, stating you pledge to work with only our firm. This is a signed contract for a set time to insure you are protected and we are as well. Once you identify a property you want to see we do quick research to make sure it's available, get "the story" on the property, and make sure it doesn't back up to power lines, etc. Once availability is established, we will schedule an appointment based on your schedule. (Some properties might require bank letter prior to showing.)


Step 4: Making an Offer

Once you have selected the home you want to make an offer on, this is when we do our research looking at past history of what the property sold for, taxes to comps in the area. We then put together a market analysis of this data plus the current market environment and information we also ask strategic questions to the seller's agent. We carefully put terms and language in the contract to protect you and your earnest money. We review with you the seller's disclosure HOA disclosures survey and legal description to make sure what is included and not included in the sale so we can craft our offer to capture what you want. We typically give the seller 24 hrs to respond to our offer. Once we have reached a meeting of the minds on price terms and conditions we establish a binding agreement date. At this point you are now under contract and need to send your earnest money. 

Our goal is to provide you with the most personalized service that is designed to help you buy your dream home

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Step 5: Inspection Process

Your offer is contingent on having the home inspected. We will then send you an email of important dates to remember in reference to your contract. Next will be a list of inspections to the property that we strongly recommend you will approve or decline the inspections we recommend but we have seen in the past declining certain inspections can be really costly in the future.(we can not move forward until you reply to this email). We will then schedule all of the inspections for you but your part will be to pay the contractors in a timely manner if this is not done it will delay the inspection process. What makes us different is we don't just do the standard home inspiration we test for things like radon,indoor air quality, sewer scope, pest and termite, insurance claims that are filed on the property,ect we want to make sure we uncover as much as possible during this time frame. Once we get the reports back from the inspectors we review with you and advise if we need to get a specific vendor for that area of concern.


Step 6: Re-negotiating

Once we have reviewed all the inspection reports with you we have three options: we type up an amendment to the contract asking for the seller to repair the said items or reduce sales price or terminate the contract. Keep in mind the inspection and negotiation of the repairs needs to be done within the due diligence timeframe. Once the due diligence period is up the home is considered as is and your earnest money is non refundable. We will work closely with you so that you are aware of this time frame. Once again we will have to reach a meeting of the minds on price terms and conditions and move to the next step. * the due diligence can be extended if there is a problem that can't be resolved but both buyer and seller have to agree on the extension. 


Step 7: The Appraisal Process

This is a very important part of the process the lender will be scheduling to have an appraiser come out to the property to do a full evaluation. They will use comps in the area to establish a value of the property. Depending on the price point the bank may require a second appraisal. Our approach is not like other agents. We research and pull market data to support the contract sales price and meet the appraiser at the property and hand deliver the information and have a detailed conservation on any special features that might be needed pointing out that could affect the value of the property. Once the appraiser is done they typically will not tell us the number so we stay in close communication with the lender and deliver the outcome to you as soon as possible. If a home doesn't appraise it is very difficult to get them to readjust their established value. This will be another negation point to come to some type of agreement. If not, the purchaser has the right to terminate and the seller has the right to not sell for that amount. *market condition can affect positive and negative 


Step 8: Final Steps

At this point in the process the closing attorney will finalize their title search and gather documentation from lenders, taxes, HOA ect . It's very important the closing attorney will be asking you to fill out an information sheet and any final documentation the lender might need from you. All of this needs to be completed in a timely manner or this could delay your closing. We will then ask the closing attorney what times they have available on the day of your closing and lock in a time that works with your schedule. The lender will be working closely with the closing attorney to make sure they have the necessary information for your loan and start to create your final settlement statement. Once you receive this information the attorney will go over with you in detail so that you see the information prior to the closing.    


Step 9: Finishing Touches

Our director of operation will be reaching out to schedule a final walk-thru based on your schedule. We highly recommend doing these walk-throughs the day of closing. We have found in the past doing them too early we are not able to see the property in its true condition prior to your ownership. At this point we will follow up with you on the utilities contact info we sent you making sure you have everything transferred over in your name prior to the day of closing. The one service you can not transfer over until you have ownership is water. We will help you navigate this. *If the property is damaged, items are missing or not repaired properly, we have several options to handle. We can discuss with you as this is a case by case basis. This process can take up to 1 hr.


Step 10: Closing Time

We will be sending you a follow up text and email of directions and confirming your closing. It's important to make sure you bring your drivers licence and leave yourself plenty of time to get to the closing. We will make sure prior to closing that the attorney has received all proceeds from all parties to move forward with the closing. The closing should take approximately 1 hr. This is when you may or maynot meet the other party and exchange keys, garage remotes and other info.  The closing attorney will give you a copy of all signed documentation. Congratulations. *If something comes up at the last minute and you can not attend the day of closing there are several options. We strongly encourage rekeying all the locks to your property. We will then be checking in from time to make sure any questions that may come up we will try to get answers to.

This is not the end of our relationship, we are always here to partner with you. Our goal is to create a relationship with you and meet all your real estate needs, from redoing your kitchen to downsizing. We hope to be a partner for you in all your future endeavors.

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With our well-rounded experience in all facets of the industry, we have combined our dedication and experience to make a giant footprint in the high-end luxury market. Our ability to listen and understand our client’s needs has allowed us to continuously achieve our client’s goals and surpass their expectations.

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